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KUKA Robotics offers a fully integrated range of automated robotics, control technology, and customized software solutions. We are committed to providing our North American System Partners with tailored automation and expandable system software that meets the demands of manufacturing industries.

With our comprehensive variety of robotic automation services and trained professionals, KUKA Robotics is equipped to provide the tools needed to keep industrial manufacturing competitive and profitable. With our advanced systems, KUKA continues to maximize production, promote safety, and ensure quality control.

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As a innovator in robotic technology, KUKA sets industry standards. Our industrial robots offer a wide range of applications for any production task and guarantee the highest quality product available on the market. Our products are offered with a variety of expansion options, additional software, and programs to ensure customization, support, and countless tools for your robotic application.

Now Introducing KUKA KORE

STEM Education for Today, Tomorrow, and the Future


KUKA Robotics KORE Program Robotics Training

STEM Education is at the KORE of KUKA’s program. High schools, community colleges, universities, and technical centers looking to advance their students’ knowledge in robotics are now able to do so with KUKA integration. The KORE program provides educators with the opportunity to implement a certificate based robot educational training program on KUKA products into their STEM programs. The KUKA KORE package gives hands on experience that integrates into any current training program.


We guarantee to deliver an industry of: leading, dynamic, and innovative robotics. For more information about any of our industrial robotics and System Partners or to schedule a demo, fill out the form on the right.